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My name is Terri Robson, and I am an awkward spirit. My life has been a challenge: school, family and those lovely social situations. At times, my life has been more of a nightmare than a fairy tale, but through it all I was determined to find my true self, and to share my differences with others. My journey has been long and difficult, with many awkward, lonely, and painful moments.

Yet I cherish that journey. I have become a very resilient and resourceful woman. I have acquired an Education Degree from the University of Alberta and I am constantly learning and studying to understand myself and others. I have become a published author with a chapter contributed toThe Official Autism 101 Manual (1996).

Asperger Syndrome is not a gift as I have heard it described. It is a difficult journey I would not wish upon anybody. However, we Aspies can have many wonderful characteristics, especially our wacky, but wonderful sense of humour. Quirks and all, you can't help but love us. There are so many other things I can write about but I would really like to tell you about them in person.

I love sharing my story with others in hopes of providing more awareness, understanding and acceptance. To this end I have made presentations to to international organizations as diverse as the Government of Alberta (AISH program), various teachers conventions, other community organizations and Lions Clubs International.

I share my story and my gifts so that I may be an advocate for those of us with AS, and so that others with AS can reach that clearing in the forest, and find their own path forward. Please join me for one of my presentations so that you too may find the joy and understanding I have.

Terri is a member of Lions International.

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