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Awkward Spirit

The Awkward Spirit

A number of years ago there was a spirit who lived in the forest. She didn't spend much time with the other spirits; they didn't like her and she couldn't understand why. It seemed as though she lived in a different forest altogether. Even her mother and father didn't understand. They were very impatient with her and thought she misbehaved to get attention. How wrong they were. The young spirit did not know how to be any different. It seemed as though she were destined to live apart from the world of spirits. She was very lonely.

For many years, life was lived from one awkward moment to the next. Then she encountered a special spirit, who saw beyond the mask and led her to other healing spirits. They helped her find her way to a clearing that was different from any other. There were many other spirits here that were similar yet unique in their own ways. It was intriguing and exciting, but also very scary. Here was a world in which she could exist within her differences.

A completely new world opened up for the spirit. She embraced her uniqueness and learned to honour her differentness. The spirit decided that she, too, would become a healer, to help other spirits explore and embrace their uniqueness. She would like you to join her on her journey to making a difference.

Copyright 2009-2012 - Terri Robson