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* Asperger's Syndrome - what is it?

* Characteristics - including real life examples

* Growing up without a diagnosis

* Coping Tricks & Techniques for employment, school and the world at large

* Supports & Resources

* Social Skills Survival for Asperger Syndrome


* Appropriate for teachers, day care workers, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health providers.

* Presentations can be designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Comments on previous presentations:

* Real view into the world of a child with AS

* Informative & hope-filled, interesting, entertaining and enlightening

* Anyone with an AS child (student or offspring) should see this

* The best Asperger session I've ever been to

* All teachers need to hear this presentation

* This was amazing

* Best presentation possible because the presenter lives it

* Pleased to know that your hair hurts!

Other Services:

* Mentorship Training

* Job Coaching

* Awareness & support programs for teachers, parents & adults with AS

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